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Design Your Moves

At Quest, we empower your passion for breaking and B-boying with fundamental-focused training. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned dancer, our flexible, personalized approach cultivates creativity and style. Join Quest – The Hip-Hop Skool, where your dance journey begins.

Flexible Classes, Perfect Timing

At Quest, we offer classes six days a week, primarily in the evenings, making it convenient for most schedules. Plus, we have a dedicated female teacher for kids and girls. Join Quest – The Hip-Hop Skool, where dance fits into your life effortlessly.


At Quest, we offer top-notch guidance from the best B-Boys/B-Girls to refine your skills. Dive into the world of hip-hop by participating in Cyphers and Breaking Jams, where you’ll sharpen your knowledge. Join us, and let’s elevate your journey in HIP-HOP together.

Battle Participation

In the world of breaking/B-boying, the final phase is the most crucial. It’s your opportunity to learn from field professionals, gaining invaluable insights and a clear understanding of what lies ahead. Join us, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

What We Offer?

Practical Breaking Training: Your Path to Becoming a Skilled B-Boy/B-Girl

B-boying/Breaking, an integral part of hip-hop culture, is divided into four distinct elements: Toprock, Downrock, Freezes, and Powermoves. At Quest, you’ll receive comprehensive training in all four elements. As you progress and hone your skills, you may even earn the chance to compete at a national level, seizing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to battle alongside India’s premier B-boying/Breaking Crew, “Dance Mafia Crew-Street Professionals” from Delhi. Join us, and let’s break new boundaries together.


Don’t Miss Out

Explore our collection of tutorial articles to discover fresh tips and tricks that will elevate your breaking skills. In our B-boying classes, we cover various breaking styles, allowing you to find your unique Hip-Hop niche. Join us on this exciting journey, and let’s embark on a quest to uncover your true potential.


You Tube Channel

Learning B-Boying is within your reach with determination. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated on our latest dance battle videos and tutorial content. Click the button below to access our YouTube Channel and dive into the world of B-Boying!


How To?


Breaking Battles


Cyphers & Workshops

Hip-Hop Skool

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Quest – The Hip-hop Skool Faculty

Start your B-Boying career with an edge alongside the Quest family.

Suraj Vohra (B-Boy Show-rez)

Co. Founder and Teacher

Takam Yasum (B-Girl Sumku)

Co. Founder and Teacher

Kanak Barman (B-Boy R.Stack)


Shivani Negi (B-Girl Pace)


Suman Bika (B-Boy BQuick)


M-W-F 6:45 pm-8:30 pm

Kids Batch Under 15 Defence Colony


T-T-S 6:30 pm-8:30 pm

Mix Batch Defence Colony


6 pm-8 pm Defence Colony

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