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We Provide All Guidance for Hip-Hop Program.

Design Your Moves

Quest the hip hop skool provides you freedom to choose what you want to learn. We focus on basics to teach in order to get you acheive your best breaking/B-boying move.


We provide classes three days in a week and all classes timings mostly in evening but the workshops can be in morning. There is also a female teacher specially for kids and Girls.


We provide every knowledge guidance from the best B-Boys/B-Girls to make you a fine breaker. We also have you participate in various Chyphers and Breaking Jams to sharpen your knowledge of the HIP-HOP.

Battle Participation

It is the final and most important part of the breaking/B-boying because it helps you to learn from feild professionals and it gives you a proper outlook of what exactley is in there to learn and improvise.

What We Offer?

We offer all practical training that you need to be a good B-Boy/B-Girl

As we all know B-boying/Breaking is a major part of hip-hop culture. It is Divided into four parts such as Toprock, Downrock, Freezes and Powermoves. you will get all four elements trainnning here and if you will become capable you can get a chance to participate on a national level battles and get a once in a life time opportunity to battle alogside the one of the India’s best B-boying/Breaking Crew “The Dance Maifa Crew” of Delhi.


Don’t get left behind

Read all tutorial articles for learn new tips and tricks. We also teach many breaking styles that you can choose to acheive your Hip-Hop niche. Join Us and start journey to find your Quest.


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B-Boying Battles


Cyphers & Workshops

Hip-Hop Skool

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Hip-Hop Quest Professionals

Meet Quest family who will teach you all possible B-Boying moves where you can start your b-boying career with an edge.

Shorez Karki


Yasum Takam







M-W-F : 3-9

Class Timings


Professional Teachers

Read More About Hip-Hop

Quest-The Hip Hop Skool does write many articles about hip-hop and its culture time to time. Here are all related news and updates. Check it out NOW.


Quest Skool Students Battle September 2019

Its almost 2 years since we started Quest – The Hop hop Skool in 2017 with aim to train breaking to new generation and give them the right knowledge of[…]

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Learn Toprock & Uprock Step By Step

Rocking is Dancing and Toprock is generally performed on standing position with different foot movement. Top-rock is style of dance which is requires character, rhythm, musicality, flavor and most important[…]

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Breezer Vivid Shuffle Hip-Hop Battle

Breezer Vivid Shuffle is the India’s one of the Biggest Hip-Hop Festival started in 2017 with the biggest price money of 1 million collectively in all Dance. This is the[…]

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June 30, 2019 1

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