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About the Quest  

Takam Yasum – Also known as B-Girl Sumku is Breaking since 2015. Hailing from Arunachal Pradesh and is a very well-known name in Indian Breaking scene. Sumku teaches Kids and females at Quest Skool. She has taken many workshops from the international Breaking Artists and gained immense knowledge of Breaking.

Suraj Vohra – Suraj Vohra also known as B-Boy Show-Rez is one of the Founders of Quest Skool and the main teaching faculty of Quest Skool. Show-Rez has been breaking since 2009. Show-rez is a professional Breaking teacher and also actively participating in worldwide Breaking events

Quest Provides Breaking’s Beginners, Intermediate, and advanced classes. We have no age restriction anyone at any age can join our Breaking classes.

How to Join Quest Skool 

Drop us a message in any of our Social media platforms Instagram  Facebook or Call/what’s app (920548697/8800548697)     

What is Quest -The Hip-hop Skool

Quest-The Hip hop Skool is a teaching and learning center and one of its kind place where Breaking has been teaching professionally. Breaking is also known as B-Boying/B-Girling , Break Dance and is the main core element of Hip hop.  We tend to motivate people to learn not only the physical aspect of this Dance style but to look for the positivity of Hip hop and adapt Hip hop as a life style.   

History of Quest

In 2017 Yasum and Shorez approached Netaji Subhash Modern Sports Club to Provide Training space, sooner it became the main training hub for two of the major Breaking crew DMC and TCS, after a while when these two crews decided to conduct Breaking Classes  where Vivek, Yausm and Rohan were the Main Teaching faculty and came up with a Name called “Tribes Mafia Breaking center” their main goals were to encourage more fresh faces into the Breaking scene and educate the young generation with the right terminology of this Dance style.

February 2018 Yasum took the initiative to conducted a Free Breaking workshop for Females to empower & inspire the women with this acrobatic style of Hip hop soon after May 2018 Suraj and Yasum decided to rename it to “Quest-The Hip-hop Skool” with head faculties Vivek, Yasum and Suraj. Since then we have been appointed many Teachers to teach their respective element of Breaking and enrolled more than hundred’s students. 

Quest’s Aim

Yasum and Suraj have travelled all around the world for Breaking events and gained immense knowledge in this field. Their experience helped them to express their emotions of Breaking in their class that connects them to teach all the aspects of Breaking and since Breaking is the main core element of Hip-Hop so, the aim is not to teach like any other Dance class but a School of Hip-Hop that provides the real knowledge of Hip-hop’s journey. where we tried to organize in-house battles, cyphers, brief knowledge of Hip hop and its respective Elements.  Quest is all about Breaking. Most the of the People often afraid to learn Breaking because of its extreme levels but we aim to teach all-aged people and make Breaking a fun Learning Dance style for all.

History of Hip-Hop

Hip hop is a cultural movement that was mainly recognized among black Americans in the early ’70s.  Hip hop was founded or started as a block House party in 1973 by Clive Campbell A.K.A Deejay Kool Herc. According to the report, the name of hip hop has been given by Keith cowboy a young rapper in 1978. It all started from the kool Herc parties in Bronx, NYC. Where he invited different artists into his backyard and set up his turntables and invented Breakbeats. That was the time when dancers who were dancing on those beats started to call themselves break boys or B-boys. That’s how breaking became the main core element of hip-hop. Hip hop is for everyone it doesn’t have racial, social, political or money Boundaries. Hip-hop is a lifestyle. 

According to KRS one hip stands for knowledge and hop is the movement. By the end 1980’s hip hop became very popular and known as the culture of four-element D.J (DEEJAY)Disc jokey, MC(EMCEE) Master of the ceremony, Breaking or B-Boying and Graffiti art.