About Us

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About the Quest faculty 

We have two Branches in South Delhi with Three main Teaching faculty.

Shorez Karki – B-Boy Show-Rez is the Founder of Quest The Hip-Hop Skool and He is one of the main teaching faculty of Quest Skool and teaches powermoves to the intermediate students. Show-Rez has been breaking since 2011 and has been competing in battle and represented India in international battles and Crew member of Dance Mafia Crew.

Yasum Takam – B-Girl Sumku is Breaking since 2015 belongs from Arunachal Pradesh and very known name in Delhi breaking scene. She is also a member of Dance Mafia Crew. She teaches to the Kids and specially for Female.

Ganesh Tamang – B-Boy Sage who is the founder of Dance Mafia Crew Breaking since 2012 and Reppin’ Dance Mafia Crew globally. Teaches at Quest Skool to the Beginners students. 

Quest Branches

We have two Different Branches for Different Level of Students. Defense Colony is For Intermediate and advance student and South Extension Branch is for Beginners. Both Branches have different timings too

Intermediate and advance student at Netaji Subhash sports Club Branch (Defence Conley) – Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7 To 9 in the evening

Beginners/Fresher at Clique Studio Branch (south Extension) – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 6 to 8:30 in the evening 

With this separate level of student classes We can focus on Intermediate properly because as their level grow their level of difficulty needs more focus and attentions to prevent and problem and injury. 

How to Join Quest Skool – Drop us message in any of our Social profile (Facebook, Instagram, Gmail or what’s app) or simply call or visit to one of our branches in the teaching ours    

What is Quest -The hip hop Skool

Quest-The Hip hop Skool is a teaching and learning centre and one of its kind place where breaking has been teaching professionally. Breaking is also known as B-Boying and Break Dancing and the main core element of hip hop. Apart from breaking we also conduct Flipping/tricking classes.

History of Quest

Quest was started in August 2017 by some of major breaking crew members of New Delhi. Main Faculty who started Quest are Shorez, Yasum, Vivek. In the beginning quest was not more than a practice place for everyone but by the time past we decided to start breaking classes and we came up with this name called Quest -the Hip hop skool. In Delhi there is no place where breaking have been teaching professionally so we planned it to make Quest a breaking hub, a mecca for breakers, a skool where we can teach breaking and give people the right knowledge.

Quest’s Aim

Quest is all about Breaking. Quest main motto is to traine Dancers professionally Ib B-Boying and spread the real knowledge of Breaking within the local people. We teach and train Dancers for Breaking Battles too. We also keep quest battles for their experience and train them and give them the knowledge to Battle for upper level.

History of Hip-Hop

Hip hop is a culture a movement which was started by black Americans in early 70’s.  Hip hop was founded or started as a House block parties in 1973 by Clive Campbell A.K.A Deejay Kool herc. According to the report the name of hip hop has been given by keith cowboy a young rapper in 1978. It all started from the koolherc parties in Bronx, NYC. Where he invited different artist in his backyard and set up his turntables and invented Break beats. That was the time when dancers who were dancing on those beats started to call themselves break boys or B-boys. That’s how breaking became the main core Element of hip-hop.

According to KRS one hip stands for knowledge and hop is the movement. By the end 1980’s hip hop became very popular and known as the culture of four element D.J (DEEJAY)Disc jokey, MC(EMCEE) Master of ceremony, Breaking or Bboying and Graffiti art.