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Quest Founders

Takam Yasum, also known as B-Girl Sumku, has been dedicated to Breaking since 2015. Hailing from the picturesque state of Arunachal Pradesh, she has carved out a prominent name for herself in the vibrant Indian Breaking scene. Sumku plays a pivotal role at Quest Skool, where she imparts her expertise to kids and female enthusiasts. Over the years, she has enriched her knowledge through workshops conducted by international Breaking artists, making her a valuable asset to the Breaking community.

Suraj Vohra, affectionately known as B-Boy Show-Rez, stands as one of the visionary founders of Quest Skool and serves as its primary teaching faculty. With a Breaking journey that commenced in 2009, Show-Rez has not only honed his skills to a professional level but also embraced the role of a dedicated Breaking teacher. He actively participates in Breaking events on a global scale, contributing to the worldwide growth of this dynamic art form.

At Quest Skool, we are committed to providing comprehensive Breaking classes tailored to all levels of expertise, from beginners to intermediates and even advanced practitioners. We firmly believe that age should never be a barrier to pursuing one’s passion for dance. Our doors are open to anyone, regardless of age, who seeks to embark on an enriching Breaking journey.

Join us at Quest Skool, where the world of Breaking awaits you, and let’s dance together to the rhythm of your dreams.

History of Quest

The story of Quest – The Hip-hop Skool dates back to 2017 when Yasum and Shorez took a significant step in their journey. They approached the Netaji Subhash Modern Sports Club, seeking a space to provide professional training in Breaking. What started as a humble beginning soon transformed into the primary training hub for two influential Breaking crews, DMC and TCS.

As time progressed, these two crews recognized the potential to spread their passion for Breaking even further. Vivek, Yasum, and Rohan emerged as the main teaching faculty, and together, they conceptualized a project known as “Tribes Mafia Breaking Center.” Their shared vision was to inspire and educate newcomers, introducing them to the world of Breaking and instilling a deep understanding of the art form.

In February 2018, Yasum took a groundbreaking step by organizing a Free Breaking Workshop exclusively for females. This initiative aimed to empower and inspire women to explore the acrobatic style of Hip hop Breaking. Following the success of this endeavor, in May 2018, Suraj and Yasum decided to rename their initiative as “Quest – The Hip-hop Skool.”

Under the guidance of head faculties Vivek, Yasum, and Suraj, Quest – The Hip-hop Skool has continued to evolve and flourish. The skool has welcomed numerous skilled teachers to impart their expertise in various elements of Breaking. With dedication and passion, Quest has successfully enrolled over a hundred students, becoming a prominent institution in the world of Breaking.

The history of Quest is a testament to the vision, dedication, and love for Breaking that drives this remarkable community. It stands as a place where individuals not only learn to dance but also discover the rich culture and values embedded within the Hip-hop art form.

How to Join Quest Skool

Joining Quest Skool is easy and can be done through the following steps:

  1. Contact Us: You can reach out to us through various channels, including our social media platforms on Instagram and Facebook. Send us a message expressing your interest in joining Quest Skool.

  2. Phone/WhatsApp: You can also contact us directly via phone or WhatsApp at +920548697 or +8800548697. Feel free to inquire about our classes, schedules, and any other information you may need.

  3. Connect with Us: We are always available to answer your questions, provide guidance, and assist you in becoming a part of our vibrant community of dancers.

What is Quest – The Hip-hop Skool

Quest – The Hip-hop Skool is a unique and dedicated teaching and learning center that specializes in the art of Breaking, also known as B-Boying/B-Girling or Break Dance. Breaking is a core element of Hip hop culture, and at Quest, we take it to a professional level.

Our mission goes beyond teaching the physical aspects of Breaking. We aim to inspire individuals to embrace the positivity and values of Hip hop, making it a lifestyle choice. Quest Skool is not just a place to learn dance moves; it’s a community that fosters creativity, self-expression, and a deep appreciation for the culture of Hip hop.

Join Quest Skool and embark on a journey where you can explore the world of Breaking, connect with like-minded individuals, and make Hip hop a part of your life. We look forward to welcoming you into our vibrant and dynamic community.

Quest’s Aim

At Quest – The Hip-hop Skool, our aim is deeply rooted in the passion and experiences of our founders, Yasum and Suraj, who have traveled the world participating in Breaking events and gaining invaluable knowledge in this field. Their extensive experience has allowed them to channel their emotions and insights into their teaching, forging a unique connection with their students.

Our mission goes beyond the conventional dance class. We are committed to providing a holistic education in Breaking, which is a fundamental core element of Hip-Hop culture. Our goal is to offer not just dance lessons but a comprehensive Hip-Hop education, taking our students on a journey through the rich history and culture of this art form.

As part of this commitment, we organize in-house battles and cyphers, impart brief but essential knowledge about Hip-Hop, and explore its various elements. We want to immerse our students in the world of Breaking, creating an environment that encourages learning and self-expression.

One of our primary objectives is to dispel the misconception that Breaking is only for the elite or extreme athletes. We welcome individuals of all ages to join us on this exciting journey. Our aim is to make Breaking a fun and accessible dance style for everyone, where learning is an enjoyable experience.

At Quest, we are not just teaching Breaking; we are nurturing a community of dancers who are passionate about Hip-Hop and committed to preserving its culture. Join us, and together, we’ll break boundaries, inspire creativity, and celebrate the beauty of Hip-Hop.

History of Hip-Hop

Hip hop is a vibrant cultural movement that emerged primarily within the black American community in the early 1970s. Its origins can be traced back to a block house party held in 1973, organized by Clive Campbell, also known as Deejay Kool Herc. The name “hip hop” itself is attributed to Keith Cowboy, a young rapper, who coined the term in 1978.

The birthplace of hip hop was the Bronx in New York City, where Kool Herc hosted these groundbreaking parties. In his backyard, he set up turntables and pioneered the creation of what we now know as “Breakbeats.” These beats served as the foundation for a new style of dance, and those who danced to these beats started calling themselves “break boys” or “B-boys.” This laid the foundation for what we now recognize as “breaking,” which became one of the core elements of hip-hop.

One of the remarkable aspects of hip-hop is its inclusivity. It transcends racial, social, political, and economic boundaries, making it a culture that welcomes everyone. Hip-hop isn’t just a genre of music or a form of dance; it’s a way of life.

According to KRS-One, one of the influential figures in hip-hop, “hip” stands for knowledge, and “hop” signifies the movement. By the end of the 1980s, hip-hop had gained immense popularity and was recognized as a culture encompassing four essential elements: the DJ (Disc Jockey), the MC (Master of Ceremonies or Emcee), Breaking or B-Boying, and Graffiti art.

The history of hip-hop is a testament to its roots in the Bronx and its evolution into a global cultural phenomenon, transcending boundaries and inspiring generations with its creativity and expression.