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How to Windmill? Learn Powermove with Quest

How To Learn Windmill is a question that many break dance beginners always ask but before you know how to do this make sure you about the history this trick first. History Of Windmill Windmill is credited to Crazy Legs of the Rock Steady Crew from Bronx, New York. It was accidentally created when b-boy…
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May 18, 2019 0

How to Flare? Learn Powermove with Quest

Flare is a most powerful moves in B-Boying/Breaking Battles. If you wanna be a winner of a battle you should have this trick in you sleeves for sure. To help you with this read the tutorial for how to learn Flare. Before How to Learn Flare it is also important to know a little bit…
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May 18, 2019 1