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Fitness Sport is a New Future

BREAKING in OLYMPICS | 2024 Paris Olympic New Game

2020 was a year that we all didn’t like much.. it was depressing from losing jobs to losings lives and many more bad issues but amid all this a ray of sunshine showered over the breaking community with joy and energy and excitement, the news of BREAKING becoming an Olympic sport at PARIS OLYMPIC 2024…
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January 28, 2021 0

What is B-boying or Breaking or Breakdancing?

Many people want to know What is B-boying or Breaking or Breakdancing? Are they all same or different? Well, B-boying or Breaking (Breakdancing name referred from mainstream media) is a Street Dance Form which is also known as B-boying for Boys and B-Girling for Girls. People who perform this dance are also called Breakers. In…
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June 29, 2019 2

B-Boying/Breaking In Youth Olympic Games (YOG)

B-Boying/Breaking In Youth Olympic Games (YOG) was a biggest the news for b-boying community. YOG is an Elite Sporting Event for Young People around the World. Its aim is to develop Athlete and the community through the Olympic values and promoting Sport as an educational tool. Youth Olympic Games take Place every Four Years. Breaking…
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May 18, 2019 0