B-Boying/Breaking In Youth Olympic Games (YOG)

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B-Boying/Breaking In Youth Olympic Games (YOG)

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B-Boying/Breaking In Youth Olympic Games (YOG) was a biggest the news for b-boying community. YOG is an Elite Sporting Event for Young People around the World. Its aim is to develop Athlete and the community through the Olympic values and promoting Sport as an educational tool. Youth Olympic Games take Place every Four Years.

Breaking in Youth Olympic Games 2018


Though Breaking was into a Guest List Category. In 2018 Breaking was introduced to Summer Youth Olympic at Buenos Aries, Argentina as a Dance Sport. Which was held from 7th to 11th October. Breaking was a new addition to YOG along with three other sports. Age limit for Summer Youth Olympic in Breaking is from 15 to 18 years. And it is a first Gender Balanced Event, which means equal number of Male and Females Athlete. This game has three categories.

  • B-Boy Vs B-Boy (one on one)
  • B-Girl Vs B-Girl (one on one)
  • Mixed Team – B-Boy and B-Girl (two on two)

YOG Breaking/B-boying Qualification

Each Country can enter a maximum of 2 competitors. 1 per each gender (1 Boy and 1 Girl). WDSF Qualification for Breaking at the Buenos Aries 2018 Youth Olympic.

  1. Digital Qualifying – In 2017 Breakers submitted there One minute Video Online at www.breakingforgold.com after which the Judges selected the best 5 per country and per gender. 5 B-Boys and 5 B-Girls per country.
  2. Regional Qualifiers – The Regional Qualifiers took place in Three Different Continents. Becuase only 2 B-boys and 2 B-girls per country can participate So, In total 10 B-boys and 10 B-girls of each three regional.
  • 6th October 2017, Qualifier Americas – Silverback Open, Philadelphia, USA.
  • 22nd October 2017, Qualifier Africa/Europe – Battle Of The year, Essen, Germany.
  • 2nd December 2017, Qualifier Asia/Oceania – Taipei B-boy city, Taipei, TPE.

In 2018 World Youth Breaking Championships (WDSF) May 2018. Total 24 BBoys/BGirls participated in October 2018 Buenos Aries Youth Olympic Games (YOG).

The Breaking Youth Olympic Medalists


  • Gold – B-Boy Bumblebee (Russia)
  •  B-girl-Battle-In-Youth-Olympic
  • Silver – B-Boy Martin (France)
  • Bronze – B-Boy Shigekix (Japan)


  • Gold – B-Girl Ram (Japan)
  • Silver – B-Girl Emma (Canada)
  • Bronze – B-Girl Yell (South Korea)

Breaking Mixed Team

  • Gold – B-Boy B4 (Vietnam) and B-Girl Ram (Japan)
  • Silver – B-Boy Broly (Argentina) and B-Girl Lexy (Italy)
  • Bronze – B-Boy Bumblebee (Russia) and B-Girl Ella (Austria)

Latest : Breaking has proposed to the international Olympic committee(IOC) for inclusion on the sports program of the Olympic Game Paris 2024 by The World Dance Sport Federation(WDSF) past year. Now Breaking/B-Boying is officially entered in Main Olympic as a dance Sport. Hopefully you will see b-boying art sports game battles in your televisions. You will witness the true and actual gymnastics moves working on breaking/b-boying. You might learn how to do flare or windmill or flips and many more power moves.


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