BREAKING in OLYMPICS | 2024 Paris Olympic New Game

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BREAKING in OLYMPICS | 2024 Paris Olympic New Game

January 28, 2021 Breaking Info 0

2020 was a year that we all didn’t like much.. it was depressing from losing jobs to losings lives and many more bad issues but amid all this a ray of sunshine showered over the breaking community with joy and energy and excitement, the news of BREAKING becoming an Olympic sport at PARIS OLYMPIC 2024 created excitement & chaos not just in the community of Breaking scene, but also the whole globe was mind blown . It is not the first time BREAKING* and OLYMPICS* are together. Breaking/breakdancing made its first Olympics debut in 2018 Youth Olympics held in Buenos arise, Argentina. Which attracted and gained a huge crowd more than 1 Million views under 24 hours were recorded. International Olympic committee (IOC) always look for Creative and spectacular games to be added in the Olympics.

There were four sports proposed for The Paris Olympics 2024 where three of them Skateboardingsport climbingsurfing already introduces in previous edition. So, Breaking was supposed to be accepted in-between September 2019 to October 2020. The decision was not finalized until Summer Olympic Game 2020 in Tokyo and also, Because of the pandemic it was postponed until In June BREAKING was approved At the 134th IOC Session in Lausanne, Switzerland,

France will be hosting 2024 Olympic Games in Paris Stade de France Stadium

What breaking will bring to the table

The experience, merits, demerits, and many more .
the performance and competitiveness the world will see in breaking will be like nothing they used to experience back in the previous Olympics . breaking in general can’t be defined in words; it’s a culture which one can truly understand only by living it .
here are some points which will make you understand why it will be different than anything the world has watched and experienced compare to other Olympic contexts

INCLUSION OF MUSIC : We all know the power of music , which can change the whole atmosphere in seconds from making things relaxing as in the same place making the same situation tense and entertaining to many more . Music has that power which connects people , sports in general connects people but imagine watching something classified as sports with music , the bond it will create between the audience and the breakers will be amazing and spectacular .

NEW, DIFFERENT AND FRESH : Majority of the people do not know about the current Breaking scene, their mindset regarding breaking has not changed till the date, majority still looks it up as what the old Breaking scene was. The past breaking culture and the current culture is very different. It has evolved very much from moves, the style, the fashion, and many more it is fresh, different and obviously NEW.



RESPECT: Respect is still a slot which breaking artists struggle to get from the society but because of the Olympics the game will change. Respect not only makes the artist feel good but also motivates them to get better and better.

SCOPE: Participating and winning a medal in the Olympics changes one’s life completely these days, benefits from better financial conditions to better treatment to everything. Support from the Government, Approaches from the bigger brands.

GROWTH OF BREAKING CULTURE: Breaking always catches one’s eyes and now when it will be broadcast on the television it will attract the audience definitely. Breaking will be recognized globally. Breaking will have bigger audience than ever. It will not be a new thing for everyone after Paris Olympic 2024.

TEACHERS: Artists which train and teach about the breaking culture will experience a huge raise in earning more than before and not only this but the teachings will be done much more passionately than ever before because of the Olympics. Students will have more understanding and a better vision to learn.

REVIVAL IN SPIRIT: An artist dies twice — once when they lose their skill or the heart on his/her art , and this first death is more painful.” B-Boys and B-Girls who had lost their spirit of breaking, the fire of getting better and persistent will rise again due to the Olympics.



Artistic identity: After Olympics mostly possible Breaking will be considered as sporting event more than an ART.  The process of dancing, creating, innovation,  Music expression that’s all are very artistic way. Hope we don’t loose this identity

THE ROOTS AND CULTURE: Fear of the roots and the culture of hip hop that it doesn’t get lost in the competitive grind as we continue to progress and make steps into the Olympics. The compromise will be done with the purity of art and the creativity and rawness with this Culture.

CYPHER FLAVOUR AND RAWNESS OF HIP-HOP JAMS: In the big stages like Olympic most probably we will loose the real entertainment of A proper Emcee, the real hype creator of the jam who gives insane energy to the crowd and to the breakers. We can expect a Host or a commentator out of the battle floor behind the cam.

Well inconclusion the decision has been finalized adding Breaking into the Olympic there are other decision yet to be declared in the system. we can hope for the best and train with a fine vision.

Watch out –  The raw footage of final Proposal & IOC vote for Breaking

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