What is B-boying or Breaking or Breakdancing?

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What is B-boying or Breaking or Breakdancing?

June 29, 2019 Breaking Info 2
What is B-boying

Many People want to know What is B-boying or Breaking or Breakdancing? Are they all same or different? Well, B-boying or Breaking or Breakdancing is a Street Dance Form which is also known as B-boying for Boys and B-Girling for Girls. People who perform this dance are also called as Breakers. In B-Boying and B-Girling word ‘B’ Stands for Break because it is known as its own Music Style which is called Break Beats.

Breaking is made up of four Elements

  • Top Rock- Rocking is another term of Dancing. It is performed in standing position with feet movement and Toprocking is easiest and coolest Element in Breaking.
  • Down Rock – Down rock is basically performs keeping your hands and feet on the floor. Down rock is one of the
  • Power Move – In Powermove there is a full 360 body Rotation keeping you most of the bosy part in the air. There are three levels in Powermove like air power, mid air power and Ground Power.
  • Freezes- Holding in one hard and particular position known as freeze it could be in head, hands, elbow or anywhere in body.

History of B-boying or Breaking

Breaking is also one of the main and core Element of Hip hop culture. Breaking is believed to have originated in the Bronx , New York in the early 1970s. By African American and Puerto Rican Youths, when Dj Kool Herc began to isolate the instrumental part of the record which emphasized the drum beat Known as “Breaks” and string them together or looping them continuously. Which gave Dancer to display their skills during the break.

That style of Music started it Known as Break beats and Dancers who were dancing on this called themselves Break boy or B-Boy. There is also term of “B” In B-Boy which is known as Bronx and Battle. Breaking was popular only in Bronx city of New York so, Many People were calling B-Boy as Bronx Boy. Later on when in early 1980’s battle started to take place in the scene people were calling “B” as Battle Boy because that time was the trend of Battle and everyone was engaging with this terminology.

This led to the Dance battles and turned into competition which occurred in cyphers (circle of people). It was also believed that Breaking began as a non violence method for rival gangs of getto. They used Breaking as a way to Battle over territory. Breaking is influenced by different Dance and athletic forms, like Gymnastic, Yoga, capoeira, martial arts and disco etc.

Evolution of Breaking

In late1960s Afrika Bambaataa formed one of the earliest dance crew “The zulu kings”. Its “Breaking” not “breakdance” Break dance is praised termed by mainstream Media. Some people also call it breakdance but t is a wrong term to use for this. In 1980s Breaking reached to large audience. It became popular among normal public. When some of the first BBoys started to get on tour, commercial videos and movies, people and media started to call them Break Dancers and tried to give them the professional name to public.

Breaking was nothing more than the acrobats for the normal people. The old school moves were really looked like Breaking your bones to the normal crowd. That was the reason behind they started calling it Breakdancing because they did not know the reason of this special form of dance. That time all of the street dance style were coming under the Umbrella of Break dancing but Hip hop head rejects this term and keep the hold on to the real term of “Breaking”.

Its going to be almost 46 years of Hip hop from its beginning when DJ cool herc started it out from Block arties. Now Hip-Hop artists have become millionaire from their music and B-Boys came a long a way from street and parks to big stages and movies. A good skill breaker can make good amount of money for his single appearance on movie or some show. One of the first ever Professional crew was roc steady crew from U.S.A who got documented by Charlie Aheam in his movie ‘Wild Child’ where Roc Steady had given two minutes of segment in 1983. That was the game changing time. This was the turning point for Breakers when they were getting paid for their skills.

Present Condition of B-boying or Breaking

Today there are lot of international battles for Breakers where big companies like Monster energy and Red Bull. They put a lot of money in B-Boying Battles. Today one of the biggest events like Red Bull BC one, Silver Back BBoy Event and Battle of the year Brings lot of opportunities of BBoys.

Winner of these events get good price money, exposure and Breaking related works in main stream. This also help breaker to get some Underground business. In 2017 Breaking got introduced with Youth Olympic. Breaking made its place in youth Olympic guest list. It was the first time in Olympics when video submission became part of qualification system in Youth Olympic games (YOG) Buenos Aires 2018. Youth Olympic became the biggest opportunity for the youth of breaking. It gave more opportunity to BBoys and BGirls. Through Olympics this Breaking or b-boying got special recognition to the world. Bboy Bumblee from Russia and BGirl Ram From Japan won the Olympic Gold Medal and Became the first ever Youth Olympic Gold Medalist in the world. They battle for their country and for their carrier as a BBoy and BGirl.

Future of B-boying or Breaking

Breaking is an art form with athletics aspect of discipline. After the huge of success of breaking in Youth Olympic 2018, Paris Olympic association proposed International Olympic committee to add breaking in 2024 Paris Olympic. After the final decision from International Olympic Association (IOA) Breaking has been accepted in 2024 Paris Olympic. This opportunity can be the game changer for all the breakers in the Hip hop community. It can bring more money and stable life to them with all of these Olympics highlights. Olympics game will also increase Breaking Market value for sure. In Future after the Olympics B-Boys and B-girls will have more clear vision towards there carrier. In Breaking Most of the BBoys or BGirls quit because lack source of income and less opportunity to be able to earn some good amount. Hopefully because of events like this future of Breaking will be secure and safe for all.


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