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Orange Festival Dumbuk- Arunachal Pradesh

A Confluence of Music and Street Culture In the heart of the verdant landscapes of Arunachal Pradesh lies a pulsating celebration, the Orange Festival in Dambuk. This annual extravaganza isn’t just a music festival; it’s a vivacious tapestry woven with the vibrant threads of music, artistry, and street culture that captures the essence of North…
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January 6, 2024 0

B-Boy Show-Rez Powermove Workshop at YUVA KARYASHAALA | Arunachal Pradesh 2022

Yuva karyashaala Yuva Karyashaala is a 4 days Event taking place in the capital of  Arunachal Pradesh Itanagar. “Yuva” as Youth or young and “Karyashaaa” as Workshop or working area, this event is to encourage the youth of Arunachal Pradesh’s towards Creative and innovative field such as Dancing,  painting and Mixed Martial Arts. B-Boy Show-rez…
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August 21, 2022 0

Bharat Jam Volume 3, 2020

Bharat Jam Vol 3, 2020 Bharat Jam 2020 is India’s Most Biggest and Awaited jam. This jam is happening again third time in its capital New Delhi. Bharat Jam held two successful editions in last years and have won best jam of the year award by Mumbai’s Hip-Hop and urban art network “To the Culture”.…
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February 6, 2020 1

Breezer Vivid Shuffle Hip-Hop Battle

Breezer Vivid Shuffle is the India’s one of the Biggest Hip-Hop Festival started in 2017 with the biggest price money of 1 million collectively in all Dance. This is the first time when some battle has this huge winning amount in India. Breezer Vivid shuffle 2019 dates are out. This year there will be 6…
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June 30, 2019 1

Red Bull BC One | B-Boying

Red Bull BC one is one of the biggest, Most Popular  and most famous high-level breaking battles event in the world. Every year thousands and thousands of B-Boys and B-Girls participate in their regional qualifiers for one vs one battles to be in top 16 of world finals of this event. In the word Red…
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June 29, 2019 1

B-Boying/Breaking In Youth Olympic Games (YOG)

B-Boying/Breaking In Youth Olympic Games (YOG) was a biggest the news for b-boying community. YOG is an Elite Sporting Event for Young People around the World. Its aim is to develop Athlete and the community through the Olympic values and promoting Sport as an educational tool. Youth Olympic Games take Place every Four Years. Breaking…
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May 18, 2019 0

Red Bull BC One B-Girl and B-Boy India Cypher | B-Boying Battle

Red Bull BC One B-Girl and B-boy India Cypher. Red Bull BC One first time took place in 2015 with one city qualifiers in Mumbai, India. Breaking scene was new and skill level was not that high in 2015. As compare to Delhi Bangalore, and Punjab, The financial city Mumbai had lot of good skills…
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May 18, 2019 0