Bharat Jam Volume 3, 2020

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Bharat Jam Volume 3, 2020

February 6, 2020 Hip-Hop Events 0

Bharat Jam Vol 3, 2020

Bharat Jam 2020 is India’s Most Biggest and Awaited jam. This jam is happening again third time in its capital New Delhi. Bharat Jam held two successful editions in last years and have won best jam of the year award by Mumbai’s Hip-Hop and urban art network “To the Culture”.

14th, 15th and 16th are the official dates for Bharat Jam in year 2020. It is indeed most beloved jam in Country because of its authenticity and its online hype in social media. The name of the jam is itself is very Unique and catchy. This awesome event Organized by India’s one of the most finest Popin’ artist Manish Yadav.

Manish Yadav is a Delhi based dancer who has traveled to many jam in India and Internationally competed in Russia, Singapore and Korea. Popin’ Manish even holding 100 battle titles in his pocket. Watch out for it.

hip-hop-events-bharat-jam-volume-3-2020 hip-hop-events-bharat-jam-volume-3-2020

Day 1 : Workshops on 14th February 2020

14th February is the workshop day. This year there will 3 different workshop by 3 international Artists.

Breaking Workshop – B-Boy Focus from Flow Mo Crew from Finland One of the finest and living legend. He is inspiration of many B-Boy and B-Girls for his creative and technical breaking footworks.

Workshop Charges – 1000/- INR

Time – 5 PM to 7 PM

Popping Workshop – JR. Boogaloo from Unites states of America. He is one of the finest in his field. He is the Grandmaster and Most respected Popper of all time. Learning from him is the greatest opportunity of all time.

Workshop charges – 1000/- INR

Time –  7 PM to 9 PM

Hip Hop Workshop – Rochka Noel one of the Dopest coming straight from France representing Criminalz Crew.

Workshop Charges – 1000

Time – 3 PM to 5 PM

Venue of The Bhara Jam 2020

Dillii Haat community hall is the venue for all three days. Bharat jam decided to keep the venue same as previous year. Its in the west side of Delhi. The is an open aircraft bazaar cum food plaza situated in Delhi and run by Delhi tourism and transportation development corporation (DTTDC).

This place is all about arts, crafts, culture and various ethnic food. It gives the essence of our rich Indian heritage and culture. Lal Sai Mandir Marg, Virender Nagar, Janakpuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110058

There is a discount of 500 if you attend all three workshop. Full camp will be available in 2500/- INR only.

Online Contest Of Bharat Jam 2020

You can win free workshop of Breaking and Popping through online participation. Bharat jam has announced online contest called I’m the best in Footwork and I’m the best in waving.

Rules – Upload a video of doing your best Footwork sets and upload in Instagram and tag any other dancer with hashtags of #bharatjam and #footworkchallenge. Same rules goes with Waving contest upload a video with undulation/waving video and challenge any other dancer for this contest with hashtag of #wavingchallenge and #bharatjam.

Day 2 : Categories, Emcee’s Deejay’s and Showcases 15th February 2020

Day 2 will showcase rounds or selection rounds for the the categories. There will be 4 dance style categories in all. Breaking, Poppin, Hip Hop  and Rep your style.In these forms there will be different battle parts.

First Category of Bharat Jam is Breaking

1 vs 1 with 600 INR registration fee and 10,000 INR is the winning prize.

3 vs 3 Breaking with 1500 INR of registration fee and 15000 INR is the winning prize.

and last is Footwork Seven to smoke with 500 INR of registration fee and 8000 INR is the winning prize

Second Category of Bharat Jam is Popping

Following Popping 1 vs 1 with 800 of reg. fee and 15000 INR will be the winning prize,

seven to smoke popping with 600 of reg. fee with 10,000 INR of winning prize

And last is 1 vs 1 waving with 500 of reg. fee with 800 of winning prize.

Third Category of Bharat Jam is Hip-Hop

Hip hop will be 1 vs 1 with 800 of reg. fee with 15000 of winning prize

and seven to smoke Hip Hop with 600 of reg. fee with 10,000 of winning prize.

Fourth and Last Category of Bharat Jam is Rep Your Style

Rep your style will be in one part which is 3 vs 3 with 1500 of reg. fee with 15000 of winning prize.


Viewers entries will be 300 for one day if you pay for both days together in your first day you will be paying 500 INR for two days of entry fee.

There will specials Rap showcase by Rahul Sarkar also known as Emcee Sarkar from Techno Kamaal crew and Vikrant Singh also known as Ravana. These two going to make so much hype in Bharat jam.

Apart from that Rahul sarkar will be hosting the whole Bharat jam along with Deepak Yadav from Lucknow whose also an awarded emcee of the year from the Mumbai channel “To the culture”.

The most part important role in such jams are those who plays for whole duration and make the crowd groove all the time. There will be two Deejay’s both from Delhi.

First is Deejay Kaajay Reppin’ Techno kamaal crew who will be playing for Breaking and Hip Hop categories. Second Deejay is  Deejay puppeteer will be playing for Popping and Rep you style.

These two are one of the best from the capital and will make every seconds count in the jam.


Day 3 : Battles

Third day will be Battle day. All the participants who will be selected from their respective categories will go for face off battles. This is going to be three crazy days of Hip Hop. Mark you calendar, spread the word and let everyone know what is coming.

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