Breezer Vivid Shuffle Hip-Hop Battle

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Breezer Vivid Shuffle Hip-Hop Battle

June 30, 2019 Hip-Hop Events 1

Breezer Vivid Shuffle is the India’s one of the Biggest Hip-Hop Festival started in 2017 with the biggest price money of 1 million collectively in all Dance. This is the first time when some battle has this huge winning amount in India.

Breezer Vivid shuffle 2019 dates are out. This year there will be 6 regional qualification in India and 1 international qualification in Bangkok. Apart from qualifications in 6 cities there will be cyphers and workshops in 4 different cities of India. Jaipur, Hydrabad, Indore and Pune will be covered by Breezer vivid shuffle. Finals of Breezer vivid shuffle hip-hop Battle will be in Mumbai on 20th, September 2019.

To participate in Breezer vivid shuffle participants has to go through to the Regional rounds. Participants can pick any mention city to participate.Participants had to register online in their respective dance style like Breaking and Popping. For 2 vs 2 participants will have to submit a video but for All style crew show case every crew had to submit a video of their routines and register online. Regional rounds had been judged by Local Dancers of India and for Mumbai’s Finals International judges was invited

To Submit your Dance Video for Crew Showcase Click here

To Participate in your preferred category Click here

The prize money remains the same as the last year which will be 1.5 Million collectively. The schedule of this fantastic breaking event will be as follows.

Shillong – 13th July

Delhi – 20th July

Bengaluru – 27th July

Kolkata -4th August

Bangkok – 10th August

Bhopal – 11th August

Mumbai –18th August


Breezer Vivid Shuffle 2017

It was powered by NH7 Weekender and Dewarists. Breezer had 5 Regional Qualifiers in Guwahati, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai. 1300 Dancers took part from all over the India which is more that red bull bc one b-girl and b-boy cypher. This Battle has 4 different category Solo Breaking, Solo Popping, All style battle and All style crew showcase. Bollywood Superstar Varun Dhawan was a Brand Ambassador of the Festival.

Here is the trailer of Breezer Vivid Shuffle 2017.

All the winners, runners-up and judges for 2017 Shuffle.

Five regional qualifications in 2017 took places in

Kolkata -7 October

Guwahati – 8 October

Bengaluru – 14 October

Delhi – 15 October

Mumbai – 29 October

The Grand Finale of the event took place in Mumbai on November 11, 2017.

Judges of 2017 Shuffle

Breaking Judge – BBoy Differ from Korea

Popping Judge – Marie Poppins from U.S.A

Two-on-two all style Judges – BBoy Differ, Marie Poppins and

Crew showcase judges – Rapper Divine

Winners and Runner-ups of 2017 Shuffle

Breaking Battle : B-Boy Flying Machine from Beast Mode Crew, Mumbai.

Runner-up : B-Boy Panther from Beast Mode crew, Mumbai

Popping Battle : He-Man, Delhi

Runner-up : Manish Yadav, Delhi

Two-on-Two Battle : Same Age Crew, Delhi

Runner-up : Indian Roc, Delhi

Crew Showcase : Off Beat Crew, Delhi

Runner-up : Gang-13, Mumbai

Breezer Vivid Shuffle 2018

In 2018 all the thing were same except two on two all style battle did not needed the video submission at first like in 2019.

All the winners, runners-up and judges for 2018 Shuffle.

The regional rounds happened in September across 5 cities:

Shillong– 2 September

Delhi – 9 September

Kolkata -15 September

Bengaluru -16 September

Mumbai – 30 September

Judges of Shuffle 2018

Breaking Judge – BBoy Benji Kings from Korea

Popping Judge – Sumi Oshima from Japan

Two-on-two all style Judges : BBoy Benji kings, – Sumi Oshima and JajaVankova

Crew showcase judges : JajaVankova, Shantanu Maheshwari and Macedon D’mello

Winners and Runners-up of Shuffle 2018

Breaking Battle : BBoy Tornado from Flying Machine Crew, Mumbai.

Runner-up : BBoyJin from Tribes collision Squad, Delhi

Popping Battle : Popcorn, Delhi

Runner-up : Boogie Reptile, Kolkata

Two-on-Two Battle : Same Age Crew, Delhi

Runner-up : Sameer and Mindthrow, Delhi

Crew Showcase : Polestar, Delhi

Runner-up : Bfab

Conclusion: It is an all in one Hip-hop Battle that one can imagine. Participate and win the huge winning prize or you can witness the greatest Hip-hop Culture and Biggest Dance Festival of India in Bollywood city Mumbai.



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