Orange Festival Dumbuk- Arunachal Pradesh

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Orange Festival Dumbuk- Arunachal Pradesh

January 6, 2024 Hip-Hop Events 0

A Confluence of Music and Street Culture

In the heart of the verdant landscapes of Arunachal Pradesh lies a pulsating celebration, the Orange Festival in Dambuk. This annual extravaganza isn’t just a music festival; it’s a vivacious tapestry woven with the vibrant threads of music, artistry, and street culture that captures the essence of North East India.

For four days, 14,15,16 and 17 December 2023 Dambuk village transforms into a bustling hub, drawing music enthusiasts and artists from diverse corners. The festival’s allure lies not just in its melodic ambiance but also in its cultural significance, celebrating local talent while welcoming national and international maestros.

This year’s spectacle was no exception. The festival, known for its eclectic lineup, hosted an enthralling array of performances. Musical luminaries like Flipsyde, Big Mountain, and Bombay Viking graced the stage, electrifying the atmosphere with their soul-stirring renditions. Yet, amidst this harmonious symphony, the festival pivoted to embrace another facet of artistry – the Street Classy Battle Event.

Street Classy Showdown: Where Passion Meets Rhythm

The Street Classy Battle Event, a highlight of this edition, reverberated with the raw energy of street culture. Dambuk, renowned for its oranges, saw its streets transformed into a battleground for artistic expression. It wasn’t merely a dance-off; it was a showcase of skill, flair, and sheer passion for breaking and stylistic innovation.

This edition marked the Northeast debut of Street Classy, an event that garnered attention with its 1 vs. 1 Breaking and 1 vs. 1 Rep Your Style battles. The stakes were high, with a collective cash prize of ₹80,000, drawing participants from across the North East.

The judging panel was an assembly of the finest, boasting names like BGirl Sumku, representing India, alongside the talents of BBoy Hip from Manipur and BBoy Nikum from Arunachal Pradesh. Their expertise lent credibility to the battles, guiding and evaluating the mesmerizing displays of skill and creativity.

The essence of Street Classy wasn’t confined to the battles alone; it resonated through the camaraderie and unity it fostered. Participants from diverse backgrounds converged, transcending boundaries through the universal language of dance. Each step was a testament to the rich cultural tapestry of the North East, a fusion of tradition and contemporary expression.

Amidst the rhythm of the festivity, the Street Classy Battle Event sparked a dance revolution, welcoming artists from the nooks of North East India. It was a spirited showdown where solo breaking battles and the Rep Your Style event became the heartbeats of the festival. The stage brimmed with energy as dancers from across the region showcased their signature moves, each step a testament to their dedication and skill. Solo breaking battles were a flurry of mesmerizing footwork, power moves, and intricate freezes, setting the arena ablaze with passion and creativity. In the Rep Your Style category, the dance floor became a canvas for diverse expression. Artists unleashed their unique styles, seamlessly blending hip-hop, contemporary, and traditional moves. It was a vibrant spectacle, a fusion of cultures encapsulating the essence of North East India’s rich diversity.

Amidst this electrifying atmosphere, BGirl Sumku, an epitome of grace and strength, adorned the stage as both judge and performer. Her presence added a touch of finesse to the event. Her skills as a judge were unparalleled, offering insightful critiques while inspiring the budding talents with her performance. This digital stage immortalized the raw emotions, intense battles, and moments of triumph, allowing enthusiasts worldwide to witness the magnetic charm of the North East’s dance culture.

As the battles culminated and the festival’s beats faded into the night, echoes of these performances lingered, etching a vibrant chapter in the Orange Festival Dambuk’s legacy. It wasn’t just about dance; it was a celebration of unity, talent, and the unifying power of art.

Watch B-Girl Sumku full – Judge Showcase video in DMC-Street Professionals You Tube Channel

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