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Red Bull BC One | B-Boying

June 29, 2019 Hip-Hop Events 1

Red Bull BC one is one of the biggest, Most Popular  and most famous high-level breaking battles event in the world. Every year thousands and thousands of B-Boys and B-Girls participate in their regional qualifiers for one vs one battles to be in top 16 of world finals of this event. In the word Red Bull BC one “BC” Stand for B-Boy or Breaking where “C” stands for Competition. This event has  Organized by the Energy Drink Company called Red Bull, who is also responsible for organizing different Extreme sports world wide.

It started back in 2004 with invitational B-Boy battles then turned into National and continental Qualifier battles. Since then so many changes and new concepts have been applied in Red Bull BC One event. Now Breakers have to battle first in their country Cypher of Red Bull, all of the country Winners fly to the world final and battle it out for the last spot of World final. This event known as Red Bull BC one Last chance cypher because 15 B-Boys will be the invited from all over the world for world finals. And winners from country cyphers will be battling again for last spot top be in Top 16 of world Finals.

History of Red Bull BC One


It all started in 2004 from Biel, Switzerland, where first ever Red Bull BC one Breaking event took place. In the first year of this breaking event top 16 B-Boys were invited for dance face off battle. Invited B-Boys were from all over the globe, who were best in their countries. B-Boy Omar from Jive Turkeys member of Mighty Zulu Kings crew U.S.A takes the first ever Red Bull B-boy Title.

There were no separate B-Girl battle that time. Until 2018 when first time Red Bull BC One introduced BGirl Camp in Zurich Switzerland. In this camp 4 top BGirls Selected for one vs one BGirl battle in World Finals 2018, Where Bgirl Ami from Good Foot Crew, Japan created history and becomes the first ever Red Bull BC One BGirl World finals Champion.


There are many changes have done in past few years. When Red Bull BC One got lot of fame and success among all BBoys and BGirl in different countries. They decided to keep Country Cyphers and Regional Cyphers with one vs one battle rounds. Country cypher started with few countries where breaking scene was good and strong and soon it was start happening in 70 countries throughout the years and these 70 countries winners go to their continental cypher which known as regional cypher.

Regional Finals were held in 6 continent North America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. That’s how they were selecting 6 winner from the continental Cyphers and inviting 10 BBoys from country wise performances. In 2016 Continental cypher got shut down and Red Bull introduced a new format called “Red Bull BC One camps” which held in Austria, France, South Africa, Italy, Japan and Ukraine.

In this regional finals the winners of each cypher has to compete in last chance cypher which happens a day before world finals Breaking Battle. One BBoy and BGirl can be the winner from Red Bull BC One camp and has to battle among 15 Invited BBoys and BGirls of World Finals, chosen by expert team of International BBoys.

Red Bull BC One world finals winner 2004-2018

  • Winner-of-redbull-bc-one2004 : BBoy Omar from U.S.A
  • 2005 : BBoy Lillou from France
  • 2006 : BBoy Hong10 from Korea
  • 2007 : BBoy Ronnie from U.S.A
  • 2008 : BBoy wing from Korea
  • 2009 : BBoy Lilou from France
  • 2010 : BBoy Neguine from Brazil
  • 2011 : BBoy Roxrite from  U.S.A
  • 2012 : BBoy Mounire from France
  • 2013 : BBoy Hong 10 from Korea
  • 2014 : BBoy Menno from Netherlands
  • 2015 : BBoy Victor from U.S.A
  • 2016 : BBoy Issie from Japan
  • 2017 : BBoy Menno from Netherlands
  • 2018 : BBoy Lilzoo from Morocco

Red Bull BC one All Star team


Red Bull BC one team is a 17 BBoys and 1 Bgirl Team. Most of them are the winner of World Finals or popular name worldwide. This team traveled everywhere for Red Bull Tours, Workshops, Judges and mostly Battles Internationally. New Team Member chosen by Existing team member and they add every year new team member.

  • B-Boy Hong10
  • BBoy lilou
  • B-Boy Ronnie
  • BBoy Wing
  • B-Boy Neguine
  • BBoy Roxrite
  • B-Boy Mounire
  • BBoy Menno
  • B-Boy Victor
  • BBoy Issie
  • B-Boy Lil Zoo
  • BBoy Cico
  • B-Boy Phelezinho
  • BBoy Lil G
  • B-Boy Taisuke
  • BBoy Sunni
  • B-Boy Junior
  • BGirl Ami

Red Bull BC one has also organize many red bull cypher every year. Even after winning title one time there are many b-boys who participate in these battles every year to improve themselves and this is the key that this great sport. This game also has been played well on trial of youth Olympic and also approved in main Olympic games in 2024 in Paris. Here is everything you need to know about breaking/b-boying in Olympic games.



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