How to Halo? Learn Powermove with Quest

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How to Halo? Learn Powermove with Quest

July 20, 2022 How To? 0

One of the fascinating Ground Powermove that every B-Boy/B-Girl wants to achieve is “Halo” It is an old skool Powermove mainly popularized by B-Boy Hong 10 from Korea in early 20’s. Before jumping into this move one needs to know some basic Powermoves and should understand the momentum and the speed it requires. Powermoves such as a windmills, back spins or head spins.

Step by Step Guide to learn Halos.

Step 1 : First step to learn Halos is to master its foundational freeze “Halo freeze” or better known as “Hong 10” This freeze requires a good level shoulder and wrist flexibility so, make sure you have warmed and stretched enough your wrists, neck and legs. Hong 10 freeze is a type of a side chair variation where you use your both hands and your head stays on the ground. So that it has to be holed on the same side of your chair freeze.

Step 2: Once you have good control in Hong 10 freeze, next step will be a transition where you move your body from Hong 10 freeze to head stand while performing this transition your head has to touch the floor and make an imaginary line or semi-circle. Remember to keep your legs wide open during this.


Step 3: On the next step a move called “Icey ice” can help you to understand the main step “Head slide” in Halo. Icey ice is a move where you finish you windmill in chair freeze with a long head slide and ends it with same side chair freeze

Above  three steps will make you understand the momentum.

Step 4: Now when you have practiced all of these steps it’s time for you to attempt it. An attempt can be done from windmill or direct from a “side freeze” or “side chair” for batter control. All of these steps will get you your one Halo. When you complete your one windmill then try to get on your head followed by side chair and Icey ice, once complete this set next target will be getting back on windmill or again the “side freeze” if you end up in a freeze then increasing rounds will be the next target. You will have to focus on Icey ice and side freeze transition.

Precaution:-  This Powermove has to be Practiced  on smooth surface to prevent head or shoulder injuries. Halos are impressive Powermove with the right technique one can achieve it at ease.

For video tutorial Visit to our channel - How to Halo?

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