How To learn Flare?

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How To learn Flare?

May 18, 2019 How To? 1

Flare is a most powerful moves in B-Boying/Breaking Battles. If you wanna be a winner of a battle you should have this trick in you sleeves for sure. To help you with this read the tutorial for how to learn Flare. Before How to Learn Flare it is also important to know a little bit about it’s history.

History Of Flare

Flare is originally a gymnastic move which was created by Thomas Kurt a gymnast player. Later Flare became popular among breakers and used it as a mid-air power move. After some time many breaker/b-boys made many variations of this particular moves. We will learn about them below.




Warm up Before How to Learn Flare

Before doing a Flare warm-up your whole body. Especially your wrist, hands and legs, because your wrist will be taking all your body weight and your legs will be making the momentum.

Steps To Learn Flare

Steps to Learn Flare For Both clock wise for right handed and counter clock wise for left handed.

  • Stand straight with your legs apart, now bend forward and put your right hand on the ground, your fingers facing diagonal.
  • Shift your body weight slightly to your right hand and now slightly bend your left leg, keeping your right leg stretched.
  • Get comfortable to this position, now all you have to do is to kick/swing your right leg. As if you are trying to kick your left leg (under your left leg).
  • Now when you kick your right leg, kick your left leg forward at the same time. Shifting your Body weight on your hands. Put your left hand into the ground and forming a “V” sitting with both hands    ( keeping your hips up)
  • Shift your weight to your left hand and push yourself up, swing your left leg inside towards right and come  into a semi hand stand (keep Legs in “V” shape)
  • Now repeat the same.
  • Last but not the least have patience and keep on regular on your schedule. because “no pain no gain”

B-Boying Style

Below we have listed many variation of Flares:

  • Elbow Flares
  • Lotus flares
  • New Yorker Flares/Atomic Flares/Power Flares
  • Chair Flares.
  • Double Chair Flares
  • Circles/Virgin Flares
  • Hopping Flares/King Flares
  • Threaded flares
  • V-flares
  • British flares
  • Solar flares

Conclusion : Learning a flare can be a difficult task but a very basic and important move to a b-boy journey. because by learning this move you can learn many variation which is mandate to win a breaking face-off. Hope you liked it.

All The Best!! And  Be patience. It Takes time to get a Result.

Once you learn this move you can do many variations with the combo of Airflare, Flare, Head-spin and windmill

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