How to Headspin? Learn Powermove with Quest

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How to Headspin? Learn Powermove with Quest

June 30, 2019 How To? 0

Wanna know How to learn Headspin? It is a popular move in Breaking. It is a basic power move, in which a person is upside down balancing on their Head and spinning his/her body in a clock wise or anti clock wise.

Now you know what Head-Spin move is. How-to-learn-Headspin  

Let’s start!!

Step by Step Guide to learn Headspin.

Step 1 : Getting your body ready for the activity. It’s very important to warm up your whole body muscles. Starting with your neck, shoulder, arms, core, back and legs. (Warm-up – Jumping jacks, on the spot running). To do a head-spin one should have a decent headstand. Find your spot to balance your body.

Step 2 : Floor for head-spin should be smooth and flat. So find a smooth and flat floor to get your spin fast.

Step 3 : Wear a beanie or something on your head to protect your head from getting hurt or baldness. Also it creates resistance and helps you get a smooth flow.

Step 4 : Start on your hands and knees. Bow your head down to the floor, rest center of your head on the floor, putting your palms of your hands flat on the ground. Making a triangle shape with you head and palms. Fingers pointing away from your face.

Step 5 : Slowly lift your legs off the ground coming into a headstand. Make sure your head, neck and back are all in one straight line. (As mentioned above, one should know how to head-stand before learn head-spin. As it’s a main Basic for head-spin).  Once you done that congrats you have got half way through.

Once Completed the above steps practice them more.

Second stage to learning Headspin.


Step 6 : Once you’re in headstand now open your legs into “V” position and rotate them around. Your right leg pointing forward and left leg pointing backwards. Repeat this with your left leg to the front. Practice this process for the couple of times. Slowly speed up the movement into spin. Now spin your legs clockwise and anti clockwise without spinning your body around. Your hips will be locked while you do the leg movement. Keep your core engaged to balance.

Step 7 : Continue the motion to spin your legs. Now slowly tap and push with your finger tips to give you that little motion to your body to rotate together with your leg. Repeat this for some couple of times. Once you’re comfortable with this move, you can increase the tap and push speed.

Step 8 : Once you get your tap and push movement clear. Continue the motion to spin but this time whip them around and lift your hands off the ground so that your upper body spins around with your legs to the direction it’s moving.

Step 9 : Keeping your legs stretched, split and tight try to spin an entire rotation. Once you spun around an entire rotation put your hands back down on the ground to catch yourself and stop the motion and try to balance yourself.

Step 10 : Use your hands to tap and push the ground to speed up your spin. Conclusion : You got your head-spin! Now you need to keep practicing and improve.

Once you learn this you can move to another power move called windmill.

Good Luck… and don’t forget to give us feedback.



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