How to learn windmill?

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How to learn windmill?

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How To Learn Windmill is a question that many break dance beginners always ask but before you know how to do this make sure you about the history this trick first.

History Of Windmill

Windmill is credited to Crazy Legs of the Rock Steady Crew from Bronx, New York. It was accidentally created when b-boy Crazy Legs overdid his chair freeze into a continuous backspin. Windmill is a basic ground power move. Many b-boys also believe that this move was created from the kung-fu technique and ii seems true in many cases. It takes practice, discipline, and most of all, dedication.

Windmill learning guide for both clockwise for right handed and counter clockwise for left handed.

Windmill is done by rolling your torso continuously in a circular path on the floor, using your arms and chest for support, while you twirl or Kick your legs in the air in an extended V-shape. The trick to pulling it off is using the strength of your arms while generating power and momentum from your legs. It is necessary to already be comfortable and familiar with a basic freeze and being able to do a decent backspin. Which will help you to get the windmill a bit more easily.



Warm-up before doing windmill.

It is important to get warmed up before doing a windmill to prevent injuries. Especially, you have to focus on your wrists warm up, because your wrists bear your weight.

Being flexible on legs is a plus point to get those perfect windmills!

Steps for Warm-up before practice to learn windmill

1. Go on your knees because its a ground move

2. Make a stab freeze like your elbow on your stomach

3. Look on the ground which helps you to maintain a proper distance with floor

4. Lift your legs off the floor so your weight will come at you hands and wrists.

5. Swing (Kick) your right leg in clockwise direction.

6. As you kick your right leg, lift your left leg and straighten it

7. Now you should be in backspin position. Both of your legs should look like a ā€œVā€, try to stay on your upper back.

8.As you spin, Roll on to your left shoulder and use your left forearm with a hop to support to pick you up into stab position again. And do the same.

9. Put your head on the ground, because it makes you able to do fast windmill.



Important tips to learn windmill

  • Practice on a smooth floor
  • Use Bennie (Woolen or Cotton Cap)
  • Use your strong hand for Windmill.
  • Patience and practice needed
  • Do it with the right technique.
  • Last but not least have patience and keep on regular on your practice because once you stop on this it will be quite difficult to get the stamina and regularity back on track.

This power move is actually the basic of the most powerful move in breaking/bboying called Airflare. Learn how to do Airflare.

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