How to Master Swipes? Learn Powermove with Quest

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How to Master Swipes? Learn Powermove with Quest

February 7, 2023 How To? 0

“Master Swipes” or Just “Swipes”

Lets decode this basic Powermove. 

Decoding the basic Powermove known as “Swipes” involves breaking down the movement into its key components, understanding the mechanics involved, and identifying ways to make it more powerful and professional. Here’s a step-by-step analysis and some tips to enhance your Swipes:


Basic Description:

Swipes are a dynamic and visually appealing Powermove in Breaking. It involves whipping your arms to one side while simultaneously moving your legs to follow closely behind, resulting in a 360-degree twist to land back on the ground.

Required stretching

Incorporating bridge exercises and backbends into your training regimen before learning Swipes in breakdancing is indeed a valuable practice. These stretching and strengthening exercises can provide several benefits that directly contribute to your ability to perform Swipes and other dynamic moves in breakdancing:

1. Spine Flexibility: Backbends, including the bridge pose, are excellent for increasing the flexibility of your spine. This increased flexibility allows you to execute Swipes more smoothly and with greater range of motion, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the move.

2. Shoulder Mobility: Swipes require a significant range of motion in the shoulders as you whip your arms to initiate the rotation. Backbends help open up your shoulders, making it easier to achieve the necessary arm movement with ease and control.

3. Core Strength: Both Swipes and backbends engage your core muscles. Strengthening your core is crucial for maintaining balance and control during Swipes, as well as for stabilizing your body in backbend positions.

4. Improved Posture: Practicing backbends can lead to improved posture by countering the effects of hunching over or sitting for long periods, which is common in modern lifestyles. Good posture is essential for executing breakdancing moves with precision.

5. Spinal Health: Backbends can promote spinal health by stretching and strengthening the muscles along your spine. This can help reduce the risk of back injuries and discomfort associated with breakdancing and other physical activities.

6. Body Awareness: Performing backbends encourages a heightened awareness of your body’s alignment and balance, which is beneficial when transitioning into Swipes and other intricate dance moves.

7. Injury Prevention: Properly executed backbends can aid in injury prevention by gradually increasing your body’s flexibility and strength. This reduces the risk of overstretching or straining muscles during more dynamic moves like Swipes.


Steps to Master Swipes

 Understanding the Movement:

  • Swipes are based on rotational movement. As you whip your arms and twist your body, you are essentially creating angular momentum.
  • The twisting motion relies on a combination of arm strength, core stability, and leg coordination.
  • A key element is the synchronization of arm and leg movements to maintain balance and control throughout the rotation.

 Making it More Powerful and Professional:

a. Arm Whip Technique: – To make your Swipes more powerful, focus on the arm whip. Ensure your arms have enough speed and force to initiate the rotation. – Keep your arms extended and close to the ground during the whip to maximize the effect.

b. Core Engagement: – A strong core is essential for stability during the Swipes. Engage your core muscles throughout the movement to maintain control. – Work on your abdominal and oblique strength through targeted exercises to improve your core stability.

c. Leg Coordination: – To add a professional touch, work on your leg coordination. Ensure your legs follow your arms smoothly, keeping them tucked in close to your body. – Practice the 360-degree twist to land with precision and grace.

d. Trigonometry and Direction: – Understanding the angles involved can be useful. Consider the trigonometric principles of angles and direction to optimize your Swipes. – Analyze the angle of your arm whip, the speed of rotation, and the landing angle to make adjustments as needed.

e. Variations and Style: – Explore different variations of Swipes to add complexity and style to your moves. Experiment with one-legged Swipes or variations that incorporate freezes. – Develop your unique style to stand out as a professional breakdancer.

f. Practice and Repetition: – Like any skill in breakdancing, Swipes require consistent practice. Spend dedicated time perfecting this move to build muscle memory and improve your technique. – Consider filming yourself and seeking feedback from experienced dancers to refine your Swipes.

g. Safety First: – Always prioritize safety. Ensure you have proper padding and a suitable surface to practice on to avoid injuries.

By breaking down the Swipes move and focusing on these elements, you can enhance its power and professionalism. Remember that mastery comes with time and effort, so keep practicing and refining your skills to become a skilled breakdancer.

Step 4:  To make a circle while doing this you have to place your hands diagonally always throw your legs towards your hands. Keep your chest and hips engage.

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