Learn Toprock & Uprock Step By Step

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Learn Toprock & Uprock Step By Step

August 6, 2019 How To? 0

Rocking is Dancing and Toprock is generally performed on standing position with different foot movement. Top-rock is style of dance which is requires character, rhythm, musicality, flavor and most important style. Toprock is often confused with Uprock but its clearly a different dance style.

Uprock is also known as Brooklyn Rock and it is a battle style dance. Most of the movement is uprock pretends like shooting, hitting snatching, pulling stuffs using imaginary guns knifes or other fighting weapon but without making any physical contact. There is no touching of your opponent.

Most common foot movements or basic one’s in Top-rocks are Indian Steps, Salsa rock, Apache storm and Battle rock.

  • Indian Step is one of the easiest toprck and its easier to put together with the beats. There are some hand movements as well but first how to move your feet. for example:Stand straight and Open up your legs apart to your shoulder level. You can start with your any one leg. First leg goes forward in cross ways to another leg and in the same time bend your both knees a bit. Now hands spread out as your cross your legs. After this get back to the first position all in centre together and repeat the same thing with another leg. Now repeat this again and again and put some style flavour, bounce and bending on your own.
  • Salsa rock is a basic move from salsa Dance. Stand straight legs apart to your shoulder level and take any of your leg to your sideways and same time open up your hands but keep them little down. Now get back to first position in center and repeat it with the other leg in same ways. You can add some knee rotation in your movement and bending. Flavor, style and rhythm put them all together.


  • Apache storm is a very hype move and not that easy to learn. It contains 3 movements. Stand straight and first kick off your leg in front like hitting the football but kick should not so high then get back that kicking leg to the first position. In the time other leg cross your first kicking leg like we did it in Indian step and your kicking leg will come behind from your crossed leg and keep the kicking leg up.Hip twisting is necessary in the directing of your cross leg in the same time your cross. Now repeat this whole movement in other direction. Add some bounce, twist, speed and hype in this.


  • Battle rock is more popular among Powermove lovers. They have often seen doing only Battle rock before their performing there hard powermove combos. Battle rock seems same as India steps. It included jumps changes of position. Every time you put your step forward place it in different ways or different place. It has to be fast bouncy and your handsand legs can be spread as much as your comfortable in.


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