B-Boying (Breaking Dance) Classes by Quest the Hip-Hop Skool 2020 New Delhi

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B-Boying (Breaking Dance) Classes by Quest the Hip-Hop Skool 2020 New Delhi

December 8, 2020 Quest classes 0

Quest the Hip hop skool was started in 2017. It has been actively running its classes since then. It is the place for those who are open to gain knowledge about Breaking Dance form. Our Faculties are one of the best teachers in Delhi, each with more than 4 years of teaching experience in this Art Form (Breaking)

We give priority to each and every student. Quest is the best place where one can get the right knowledge of Breaking.


Who can join B-boying/Breaking Classes?

We are open to all. Dancers or Nondancers, young or old, everyone is welcomed here. As the saying goes “There is no age limit to learn something new”. Children as young as age 6 and Adult as young as age 60, can join us.  Anyone who has passion of becoming a B-Boy or a B-Girl can start from here. It does not matter if you have not dance before or you have not done any activities before. Our professional faculty will be teaching you from the scratch. All techniques you will be learning from point to point with each and every details. If you have any dancing experience or already into some other dance style you can join too. In fact, you could make some fusion with Breaking and your dance style in future.

What you will be learning here?

B-Boying/B-Girling (Breaking) is composed of 4 Elements. Top rocks, Footworks, Powermoves, and Freezes. We start with the Basics. Which is the very beginning of the steps. Each Element has its own Basics steps and moves. After a few months when we are familiar with the basics, we move to a bit more advanced steps and moves. However, it takes a minimum of six months to get the flow of basics. But again, it depends on the Individual. Once we complete the basics now, we learn Breaking groove, Beat sense, Musicality. In Down rocks basic Footwork drills, Go-downs and stances. Freezes are basically a dynamic and intensive position where you end your moves. In Quest you will be learning how to balance your body on your head, hands or shoulders. This all will be covered in the Basic six-month course. Apart from that as B-Boying is an acrobatic dance style we will be teaching also some acrobats and Body balancing, Body strengthening and Body Flexibility. As you go along with this after the basic beginners’ course you will be shifted to the intermediate level.

Beginners Batch Faculty B-Girl Sumku and B-Boy Show-rez

B-Girl Sumku who also known as Takam Yasum belongs to Arunachal Pradesh and lives in Delhi. B-Girl Sumku has been Breaking since 2015 and achieved a lot of success and respect in the Indian B-girl scene or you can say probably the best b-girl of Delhi. She has won many B-Girl titles all over India and represented International battles in Russia and Switzerland.

Besides Breaking she is also trained in Salsa and other Latin dance forms. She was also a Zumba and fitness Instructor. She has teaching experience of  7 years.

B-Boy Showrez has been Breaking since 2009. He has also been teaching for the last 7 years. Besides teaching, he has also represented himself in many Breaking Battles and won many titles. He has also traveled to many Internationals and National events like Switzerland, Russia, Thailand, Bhutan and Nepal.

Both of them have taken many workshops from Internationals B-Boys like Poe-one, Ken swift, Kaku and from Red Bull BC One All-star like Hong10, Pelazino, Lilou, Lil-G and more. So, you can imagine how much experience and technicality they have when it comes to teaching so, why wait? Enroll and start your B-Boying or B-girling classes with Quest Skool.

 Advance Breaking classes by B-Boy Demon

Deepu Rawat also known as his stage name B-Boy Demon very well-known name for his style in India Hip-Hop Scene. He is been Breaking for more than a Decade and teaching at Quest for more than a year. Demon had achieved a lot of name through most prestigious Breaking battles like Red Bull Bc One India cypher and Breezer Vivid Shuffle. Demon takes classes for advanced students who want to train at a pro-level and want their Breaking foundations strong.

Demon is keen to share all of his aspects of breaking which he has learnt over the years from other international Breakers and from the battles he had participated. Demon has different teaching methods of Breaking not only physically but mentally, having the Yoga background knowledge Demon has done the fusion of yoga disciples with Breaking routine which help him enhance his teaching methods.

How to Enroll or Join Quest B-Boying Classes?

To join our classes, the Procedure is very simple. Drop us a message on what’s app, Instagram or Facebook. you Can direct call us at the given number and confirm the class timing with the fee structure. You can visit our Branches during classes hours and take direct admission with a photocopy of your ID

Book a demo class or drop-in B-Boying Class

If you are not sure about joining and want to try a trial class. A 40 min Demo Class can be booked in 200 INR which will be added after joining for regular classes. If you running super busy or live too far and have very little time to spare for the class you can come for a Drop-in session in 350 INR between 5 pm to 8 pm.

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