Learn POWER MOVES with B-Boy Show-rez | B-Boying Powermoves Classes in Delhi 2020

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Learn POWER MOVES with B-Boy Show-rez | B-Boying Powermoves Classes in Delhi 2020

September 1, 2020 Quest classes 0


If you ask a BBoy or a BGirl about their first encounter with Breaking and what attracted them the most? You would definitely receive most of the answers to “POWERMOVES”.  It is one of the fourth element of breaking, apart from Toprocks, Footworks and Freezes.

BBoy Show-rez is one of our Breaking Teacher at Quest The Hip-hop skool. And also the founder of Quest the Hip hop skool and Co-founder of Dance Mafia Crew – street professional (DMC) He has been breaking for the last 10 years. He started breaking after watching one of the most famous B-Boys in powermoves like BBoy Luigi, The end, cico on YouTube during his beginning days.  Show-rez started breaking (dance) in 2010. As Breaking has four elements, He is more into POWERMOVES. He is specialized in teaching powermoves at Quest skool B-Boying Classes.

Show-rez Powermove Experience 

Show-rez has won several Breaking battles in Delhi and other states in India. In 2017 and 2018 show-rez was in top-4 at Breezer vivid shuffle and top-16 in 2019. Apart from Battles and competitions He has also worked with Big Brands and performed his crazy  Powermoves on stage. Doing brand promotions and shows like Bata, Benetton, Big Daddy, Indian Terrain, Triumph, Gionee, Delhi Tourism and more. Show-rez has traveled all over India for Breaking events and jams. He has also traveled and attended many International Breaking events and jams in Thailand, Russia, Switzerland, Bhutan and Nepal. In 2018 he traveled to Russia for Combonation along with BBoy Sage representing Dance Mafia Crew (DMC) and BBoy Godhand and BBoy Taurus representing Project Street Dance (PSD). ComboNation is one of the most known Breaking competitions, especially for Powermoves battles. Where he represented India. In 2019 He traveled again in Russia for ComboNation Along with BGirl Sumku and BBoy Deepak (DMC). He Has also represented India at Dynamo Point Cambium (DPC) and Groove Session in Switzerland along with BGirl Sumku.


Learning Experience 

BBoy Show-rez has been trained under many international Artist (B-Boys) in India and Abroad. He is one of the most experienced Powermove teachers in Delhi. He has been trained and taken Powermove workshop under Red Bull All Star B-Boy cico from Italy. B-Boy Yoshi and kaku from Japan, B-Boy Funt and Can from Russia.

Teaching Experience

He is been teaching since 2018 and taught more than 80 students in Delhi over the years. He teaches both kids and adults. His students age from 8 to 40 years old. Apart from breaking show-rez also takes Acrobat, fitness and flexibility classes. This class is mainly for those people who wants to maintain their health, body and stay fit with Breaking disciplines . This batch is for People Who are of age above 30 as they are more into fitness. Therefore, keeping in mind show-rez focus more on their strength and flexibility. Which includes some basics freeze for powermoves like Baby freeze, headstand, handstand, Elbow stand and Bridge (backbend) as it is related to Breaking. He tries to keep the breaking essence and kids learn quicker than the adults. His technique and style of teaching depend on person to person. His way of teaching technique is unique and very easy to understand and follow. All the precaution is taken during his classes. Quest Dance class is well equipped with hundreds of mates to prevent injuries and vinyl sheets on mats to practice hard moves before doing it on floor. As his first priority is safety of the  students. While teaching he is very patient and calm with his students. One can feel comfortable learning from BBoy show-rez. From ground Powermove like windmills, halos, flares or headspins to Air Powermoves like Airflares, Elbow tracks, 1990s, 2000’s spin or you want to work or your Powermove Combinations learn with proper techniques and details at Quest Skool from B-Boy Show-rez.


Book a demo class or drop-in B-Boying Class

If you are not sure about joining and want to try a trial class. A 40 min of Demo Class can be booked in 200 INR which will be added after joining for regular classes. If you running super busy or live too far and have very little time to spare for the class you can come for a Drop-in session in 350 INR between 5 pm to 8 pm.

” Anyone one at any age can learn POWERMOVE if they have a passion to learn and right technique”   B-Boy Show-rez

If you wish to learn Powermoves from B-Boy Show-rez join his Powermoves classes at Quest skool and train to be the best Powermover. Anyone at any age or Powermove level from basic to advance. Group Powermove training or individual lessons available.


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