Stay fit with Breaking | Breaking discipline for healthy Lifestyle | B-Boying Fitness classes 2020

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Stay fit with Breaking | Breaking discipline for healthy Lifestyle | B-Boying Fitness classes 2020

December 14, 2020 Quest classes 0

“Breaking” is a dance form and it has other main-stream names like B-boying and Break Dancing but its official name is “Breaking”. This dance was started in the early 70s in New York, USA. Breaking in itself is a unique and challenging type of dance since it is influenced by other art forms like gymnastics, Yoga, Martial arts and Acrobats. It is a very complex type of dance which has many dimensions in which you can dance like from hands, elbow, head, shoulder, hand and so on. Therefore, this dance is also considered the most challenging fitness activity. Yet it has no age limits because its basic is effortless and fun to learn. While learning this dance you become more fit and it increases your strength, balance, and flexibility.

Who can join?
There are no restrictions for this activity as long as you’re physically fit. Even if you’re handicapped or have some physical ailment but still you can learn this, as there are few people who are doing it but that’s an exception. But the point is anyone can learn this art and become fit or if they have passion, they can make a career out of it. It is now officially announced that breaking is going to be introduced in Paris Olympics 2024 as Dancesport, now some passionate people have big aims for it. But you don’t have to do it for the Olympics, if your aim to stay fit, live a healthy and active lifestyle this is the best thing for you.

What are the Breaking disciplines?
When it comes to discipline it is also similar to its influences, like flexibility from yoga, speed from Martial arts and body strength from gymnastics. In class, you will work on your body’s flexibility in different parts from neck shoulder to feet. And for strength and body balancing, there are routines of handstand, headstand backward bend/bridge and other postures. With all these routines your body will be more active in daily chores and you will find tremendous changes in your body physics. Breaking is an ARt form that has an athletic approach. so, if you are an artist or athlete if you like challenges so you must try out our classes.


Classes Structure.

Morning Class – Monday and Thursday

Time  – 7 am to 9 am

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