Summer Breaking batch at Quest-The Hip hop Skool 2022

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Summer Breaking batch at Quest-The Hip hop Skool 2022

August 16, 2022 Quest classes 0

Summer breaking(dance) classes 2022

Quest-the Hip-hop skool  was Founded by Shorez and Sumku of Dance Mafia Crew in 2018. It is one of the most popular Breaking school in Delhi, India. In 2019 due to Corona the school  had to close down. However, we are happy to announce that we have started our Breaking Dance classes. All the classes will be back to normal as it use to be, We are starting a special summer Breaking batch specially for kids and beginners.

Who can join The Quest?

If you want to pursue your Breaking journey then you can join Quest,

if you want to take Breaking as  a hobby or to be professional B-Boy or B-Girl you can join us,

If you want to know anything about Breaking or Hip hop you can come and be a part of Quest -The Hip hop skool.

We assure you that you will gain a lot of knowledge along with lots of Fun.

What is Breaking?

Breaking is one of the most challenging and fun Art form. One can keep themself fit and Healthy. It is a combination of Martial arts, Yoga, Caipora, Dance and Gymnast. Breaking has four elements namely Toprocks, Footworks, Power moves and Freezes. Furthermore, Breaking has been included in Olympic as a Dance Sports. It will be introduced  in Summer Olympic 2024 at Paris. In 2018 it made its debut at The Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires. The Event will comprise two catogories, one for men and one for female.

What will you learn in summer Breaking Batch?

Our Female Coach is specialized in training  with Kids and beginner students. Teaching the basics of Breaking. While our Male coaches train intermediate and advance students. First few months for the kids and the beginner students,  we focus on building their strength, flexibility and most importantly Hip hop Groove. We observe and focus each and every student’s strength and weakness. We believe that each students has their own strength .  So, some of them learn easily and quickly while others take longer time to adapt the movements. There are 3 teachers available all the time to track the progress of every student individually.

Quest Skool Breaking class is divided into 3 parts first 1 hr is a learning hour where every student is given a particular move to learn or to get it cleaned. In this time of period students are under teacher’s guidance. After this 1 hour Training student is given 20 min to work on their craft to be creative and productive with the breaking dance. Lastly class ends with the workout and stretching to built strength and flexibility.

Our Dance classes are well equipped with necessary safety requirement. Quest Skool Provides  2 different floors for training.

1.linoleum Sheet Floor:

First Floor is covered with smooth linoleum sheet on a graphite marble floor that allows students to learn rocking, footwork and some basic Dance moves that required Hard but smooth Dance floor. This floor can also be used to learn fascinating spinning Dance moves such as, Head, shoulder and back spins.

2.Interlocking Rubber Mats Floor:

These types of Mats are the most important for Intermediate and advance Breaking classes. It helps students to learn such moves that can not be learnt on hard floors. It allows the students to practice safely without fear of injury or falling. These rubber mats floor are 1 inch thick and locked into each other which makes a 6*6 ft of diameter that is big enough to train any single student.

Fun Activities

Apart from regular Dance classes Quest skool also organizes Quest Picnic. Its an outdoor event that takes place in local parks. Quest picnic is more like a food exchange event where everyone brings home made food and share it with each other. We also bring along a linoleum portable sheet and music player so students can have cypher and battle exchange skills with each other.  The Purpose of this Picnic is that our students open up a bit and built more confidence within themself to perform outside as well.

Quest Breaking classes Schedule:

Days – Every Monday-Wednesday-Friday

Time – 6PM-8PM 

Our current classes takes place in collaboration with Most Wanted studio.

Address – 1-C, A 7, Humayunpur, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110029

Contact No. – 9650832677-9205462107-8800548697

A 20 min of Free demo is available and can be booked on the above given no.

For better insight follow us on our Instagram account quest_the_hip_hop_skool

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