Quest Skool Students Battle September 2019

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Quest Skool Students Battle September 2019

September 28, 2019 Quest Activities 0

Quest Skool Students Battle September 2019

Its almost 2 years since we started Quest – The Hop hop Skool in 2017 with aim to train breaking to new generation and give them the right knowledge of Hip Hop. We got really good respond form our community too and lot of kids showed interest to learn breaking. Our motto is to train kids in breaking in a professional level. After two years of training we finally decided that our student are ready to learn the concept of battle before they actually go out and for real world Breaking/B-boying Jam.

Quest Jam

First time in Quest we organized Breaking/B-boying battle for Quest students only with the following category:

  • 1 vs 1 Kids battle under age of 15
  • 1 vs 1 battle for youngsters.

Judge of the battle was B-Boy Jin Former Quest faculty where the Prizes was Quest Merchandise.

We invited student’s parents and other family members too. We host this battle at the same time of our regular class so everybody could come on the same time. We have announced  the battle date before two weeks so everyone can prepare and come up with their best moves. Before battle day we have taught everyone the rules and regulation of battle and how it starts and ends. Everyone was so hyped of the battle day.

Battle Day

Everyone was coming with different vibe and energy. we started by the same class time of 7pm. We begun with a small cypher among children and youngsters for warm-up and practice. After 1 hour of cypher and chilled out session 8 pm IST. we started making pair for the battle by picking up slip. Every battle had one round and in final we kept two round of battle in both category.

Kids battle Line-Up

Mishka (6yr) vs Ada (8Yr)  ||  Manha (8yr) vs Sia (13yr) ||  Kangna (12yr) vs Mansi (9yr)

(Three ways battle)

Ada                   vs                   Manah                  vs                   Mansi

Manah (Winner)


 Youngsters Battle Line-Up

Karan vs Nana  ||  Shriyansh vs Rohan

Karan        vs            Rohan


Vs       Tamar (Winner)


Nishant                     vs            Tamar

Priyanshu vs Nishant vs Nitu   ||   Vaibhav vs Tamar


Jam flow and Decision:

We started first battle from youngsters so kids will have some idea how it will work. After First four battle we started kids battle. After battle we took pictures and everybody learnt a lot and got good battle experience. Parents were happy to see their kids performed with this confidence.

Conclusion : it was huge success Overall and the motive behind that Battle was accomplished.

Battle recap video

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