Quest Workshop in Kreuzlingen Switzerland

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Quest Workshop in Kreuzlingen Switzerland

December 10, 2019 Quest Activities 2

Quest Workshop in Kreuzlingen Switzerland

Quest Faculty Shorez and Yasum Traveled to Europe Switzerland to attend Breaking Events. Where they  intend to explore Swiss Breaking scene. They also Got down in Two high level Breaking Battles Called Groove session and DPC Jam. Apart From that they got Invited to give reimbursed workshop in Musikschule Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.

Musikschule Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

Juliya Kimoto who is well respected and one of the first B-Girl of Switzerland. Juliya Runs her Breaking Classes in Musikschule Kreuzlingen in Switzerland for past 2 Years. Where she takes classes of kids and youngsters. Juliya kimoto Invited Quest Faculty’s Shorez and Yasum for Powermove and acrobat workshop to share their knowledge among her Students.

Workshop with Swiss Kids Student

It was great opportunity for them to give workshop in Switzerland and share their teaching fundamentals and techniques. Yasum Started her workshop with kids in between 7 to 12 years old and normally  it starts with a small cypher as a warm up and kids seem to have a lot of fun as they were having some different vibes. After the cypher yasum and Juliya gave them some Breaking games to play. Through interactive games they get entertained and have fun and show their interest to learn more. Then Yasum taught them some footwork/downrock drills mix-up of one, three and six step. After all of this we Yasum gave them a task or a battle of freezes. In first task everyone has to hold a Back Bridge/Back arch as long as they can and the one who holds it last will be the winner. Everyone seems to have very tough in this one. They last of 2 mins almost. Second task they got wall support hand stand everyone did their best and enjoyed a lot.

Powermove and Acrobat Workshop

Second batch was divided into two group. Where one was in age between 10 to 15 years for acrobats and another one was in age 15 to 20 years old. In this group it was their first time they were learning some acrobat. So, on the mats provide by School Shorez  started with some basic acrobatic fundamentals. Like, Front roll, back roll and tiger roll for good  warm-up and to increase body speed. Second Thing was Back hops to get the leg momentum for back roll to hand stand or to get synchronization with upper body top lower body. That one move is really good for body speed. After that they learnt cart wheel, monkey flip and Front hand sping.

Meanwhile young student who seek to learn powermove had their warm-up done by Yasum and Juliya. Then they had some informative discussion regarding control on freezes and its variations to get some speed in powermove combos. At the end we had a cypher to cool down our body. A small photo shot with Juliya Kimoto where she is rocking in Quest merchandise  Gifted by Quest Skool. It was such a privilege and pleasure to share our knowledge among Swiss Young generation. Much Love to Juliya Kimoto of the kind Invitation to Quest – The Hip Hop Skool.

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