Winning in SHAHEED BHAGAT SINGH COLLEGE Stage Competition Quest Skool X Dance Mafia Crew – Street Professionals 2020

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Winning in SHAHEED BHAGAT SINGH COLLEGE Stage Competition Quest Skool X Dance Mafia Crew – Street Professionals 2020

March 15, 2020 Quest Activities 0

Shaheed bhagat singh college, icdp summit 2020

University of Delhi, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College Organised its International coordination and Development Programme Which is known as ICDP SUMMIT 2020. They have organised various events under this with the vision of Dynamics of Multicultural Educational Opportunity. Event has 4 Different cultural Programme. Instrumental competition, Youth Symposium, International Fashion Show and International Dance Competition.

Mosh Colosseum: International Dance Competition

The motto is to celebration of Dance globally. The day strives to encourage participation and education in dance through the event. The event was open to all artists with the required talent and could participate in the given categories. Event took place on 5th of March 2020 in Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Sheikh Sarai, New Delhi. Dance Mafia Crew was invited to participate in stage competition. It was first time when DMC decided to participate in such college event. since it was open to all and it could be the different experience so, DMC decided to participate along with Quest skool faculties.

Quest Skool X Dance Mafia Crew Stage Performance

We had quest teachers and DMC members as well so decided to participate with Quest name. In a team of 5 members with B-Boy Show-rez and B-Girl Sumku who are the main Faculty of Quest skool along with Rahul also known as Flying monk and B-Boy Sage and Shriyansh participated. Wearing Quest merchandise.

Quest skool

Rules and Regulations

1. Dance form should be totally western or you can represent a dance form of a country

2. Both solo and group performances are allowed .

3.The participants should have complete knowledge about the dance form chosen.

4.The maximum performing time will be 10 minutes.

5.Bollywood songs are strictly prohibited.

6.Costume and music should be native of the dance form chosen.

7.Participants are required to bring the songs in pen drive or any other preferable mode

8.All the participants must bring their authentic college Identity Card for entry on the day of event.

9.Judgment will be based on choreography, rhythms, gestures, synchronization, expression , costume and overall presentation and performance of the group.

10.Participants must register themselves beforehand. On the spot registration is not allowed.

11.All the participants (including those who filled
online form) have to confirm their participation at the registration desk on the day of the event.

12.The participants will be responsible for the removal of their sets/ properties etc ,immediately after the performance.

Event Details

Main Judge for the Event was Charlie frost, Kundu House Project from New Delhi. Registration were online. More than 20 Participants were registered for solo, duet and Crew. Out of all the participants Judge has to select one winner out of that. Ten thousand worth of voucher and some cash was the Winning amount for winner plus momento. Event first programme started with Instrumental competition then Dance took the second place. Everyone has to introduces them self and their crew also elaboration of their dance style. Which was very good thing.  

It was stage competition so the song was our own choice but only western songs were allowed strictly. We picked two songs with 2 and half min of duration. Bad Style Time Back was out first music and second one naughty by nature. We put some routines in the beginning and as usual a cypher session in between to keep it real.  After every category was over Host of the event announced the winner and declared Quest skool  as a winner. It was great experience for us. As Dance Mafia Crew and as Quest skool we reparent our Dance Style Breaking and won it.

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